S.C.C. & Lil Boosie – Both Sides Of The Track Re-Release

October 31st, 2005 | By Administrator

Tues, December 6th, Contains 8 new tracks – Features Sean Paul of YoungBloodZ, Soulja Slim, Webbie, Magic, Max Minelli, T-Bo, Young Bleed, Mookie, Dojah, Lil Handy, Savage & Keely. Includes single “Livin What I’m Spittin”. Be sure to check out SouthCoastCoalition.com
1. Murder Man Dance Feat. S.C.C., T-Bo & Lil Boosie
2. A Long Way Feat. S.C.C. & Lil Boosie
3. Make It Happen Feat. Lil Boosie & Mookie
4. What Ya Lookin At Feat. Lil Boosie, T-Bo & S.C.C.
5. Sunlight Feat. S.C.C. & T-Bo
6. Undisputed (Remix) Feat. Lil Boosie, S.C.C. & Mookie
7. Old School Feat. Lil Handy, Savage & Webbie
8. Down Here (Remix) Feat. Sean Paul, Max Minelli, Mookie, S.C.C., T-Bo, Lil Boosie, Magic & Soulja Slim
9. Radio Feat. T-Bo, S.C.C. & Max Minelli
10. War Time Feat. S.C.C., Young Bleed & T-Bo
11. Respect My Soldier Feat. Mookie & S.C.C.
12. Crunch Time Feat. Lil Boosie, T-Bo & Young Will
13. Livin What I’m Spittin Feat. Lil Boosie & S.C.C.
14. Gutta Music Feat. S.C.C. & Keely
15. A Long Way (Remix) Feat. S.C.C.
16. Dat Iron Feat. Dojah, Lil Boosie & Freeze
17. Play Wit Me Feat. Mookie, S.C.C. & Max
18. Wasting Time Feat. Keely & S.C.C.
19. Murder Man Dance (Chopped & Screwed By Paul Wall)
20. Grown Folk Feat. T-Bo

83 Responses to “S.C.C. & Lil Boosie – Both Sides Of The Track Re-Release”

  1. Q says:

    Say I’ve Been A big Fan Of Lil Boosie & S.C.C. For The Longest Ya Herd Me . That Boy Maxmanelli,C-Loc,Webbie,And All Them Boys From That “JIGGA CITY”. Im From Tha Boot Ya Herd Me Reppen Washington Parish, Mt. Hermon To Vernon And Me And My Niggas Jigg Too! But Right Now A Nigga In ChiTown Representen That Boot . And Putting These Niggas up Here In The Chi On That Jigg Shit ! And Like Webbie Say “DO IT BIG THEN” And Im Out This Mutherfucka Ya Herd Me Reppen Them “BOOT BOYS”!!!!!!!!

  2. Steve says:

    What up… wow I love S.C.C. and T-bo.. I hope this albums goes platinum.. y’all really dont get the credit yall deserve… I wish all teh best

  3. aura says:

    yall need to put chyna whyte up in here!! she is raw as fuck!!

  4. kenneth says:

    say t-bo is my cousin and he is working his way up with his new hit single dope gone sell and gutta they his two new singles out right now and lil boosie and webbie doing it big for that boot im a glen oaks nigga reppin that jigga city ya heard me that 225 gone shut it down soon we takin the rap game over and leavin no witness’s ya digg.so pick up my cousin t-bo new album both sides of the track as well as his 4th of july one firecracker ya heard me im out 225 4 life 4’s down neva up SSB life

  5. Jerris williams says:

    A This is Milwaukee county and in the mill town boosie the man niggas aint FUCKIN WIT HIM

  6. Wild Ones says:

    A This Is Big Jay from the mill and I rep my block wild ones and on my block all the real niggas listen to is lil boosie bad ass

  7. g white says:

    yeahh lemme up in this bitch im from dat jigga city too if u aint know we do it bigga than big down here we on tha map now and aint no body takin away our shine– 4 down fa life south br in this bitch ya heard

  8. Trej77954 says:

    I introduced lil boosie to south texas (cuero ) a few years ago just keep doing your thing boosie you go fed you heard they eatin it up down here

  9. Lil'Lisa says:

    Yeah wazzam dis dat gurl Lil’Lisa A.K.A Lil’Park Town reppin dat Jigga City to da foolist yep ya know. well yeah dat gurl rap and yeah im from dat Park Town in dat 225 ya know. Well yall keep tryin to put us on da map ya know well holla at me

  10. Ebony says:

    Waz up, dis ya girl ebony reppin dat Boot(Big Easy dat 9th Ward). I just want to tell ya’ll that ya CD get off specially “Dat Iron”. I be lettin them hoes up here in the north listen to it, but I’m tellin ya; they can’t fuck wicha. But anyway ya’ll keep doin what ya’ll doin and make dat shit happen.

  11. Gutta 225 says:

    yall look out 4 dem gutta boyz album dem boyz spit dat gutta

  12. Gutta 225 says:


  13. Gutta 225 says:

    Louisiana takin ova dis muthafuka like I said dem GUTTA BOYZ go hard featuring my niggaz Solja Boy,BlockBurna,MukaMan,LilRandy and T.J

  14. Dj says:

    Fa sho, I’m from norf clik and erbody just leave us off da mufuckin map, I don’t know bout city but da C-town defenitely ready fa some play. Pass dat, I been gettin erbody on dat LA shit too, ecspecially lil boosie, he sick but erbody ackin like dey don’t know dat, he here in December fa a concert, and as he was performin erbody was standin like dey didnt know who he was, fa real, ya boi Dj aka lil sparka

  15. franchize says:

    duval county jville fl.ghetto stories is a hit duval run this shit if u dont like it power up trill fam yung savage

  16. christine says:

    hey was up this ya christine from that louisiana south side all the hot songs that yall make evrybody down here say that yall sound really good
    well this my email address talk 2 me

  17. Skrilla Man says:

    Maaan look ya Lil’ Boosie and Webbie Dummin on them boy right about now so fa all yall who don’t know get out tha way cuz we gor some new dawnz in tha South

  18. kiera says:

    ill a bad bitch

  19. apple says:

    hey boosie i love u

  20. boo i love you hope to meet please coome to palm beach count love ya much i got things to show ya!!! tell webbie wuz up

  21. joey says:

    wat it do dis is ya boy joey from gozales . man i just wanted to say that boosie u are layin it down for the south. me and my boyz ride all day bumping to ya rap. hey right me back ya heard

  22. Angela says:

    Boosie dis ya gurl angela reppin dat gonzales a.k.a. gun-town and i jus wanted 2 say that i think that u r do it big i luv every single song that u r in keep it gutta and keep given us sum fire azz muzik

  23. Trina says:

    this is for boosie the sexy black juve with that orange black charger i wants to ride in that thang and take lilboosie home and act a donkey with him cause i be on that nigga yeah i want you nigga mr officer get them dog hoes off my nigga

  24. Trina says:

    yall hoes can get off of him cause im up in the 225 with my nigga very close where i see him everyday so please dont envy me cause boo is truly mines BITCHES yours truly trina the baddest bitch.

  25. DBOYZ says:


  26. micah says:

    say ma nigga boosie you some hard fuck what them niggas talkin bout and you get you ma nigga.
    holla at ya girl micah from down south LA

  27. micah says:

    say ma nigga boosie you some hard fuck what them niggas talkin bout and you get you ma nigga. yeah webbie thats ma nigga and keep you head up high fuck whats on the ground we see the sky.
    holla at ya girl micah

  28. ashley says:

    say trina you betta get on cause aint no nigga worried bout you cause when he see me he aint gonna wanna see you no more hoe!

  29. pimp says:

    man all i got to say is the south is taking over and before we forget the south aint never took over nothing but slaves.i’m a local rapper myself and we don’t get any respect so why don’t any big time names in hip hop don’t come down here halla when you can halla

  30. t-bo says:

    wazup everybody i heard it went down this saturday at teenhighlights never heard shid like that in a while i havent been to rennasiance in a while ssb still down 4sho.

  31. t-bo says:


  32. chundrea says:

    hey i really love lil boosie songs i hope dat his noe songs hit bet

  33. ross says:

    boosie ma niggah fa life….he all i listen too ya heard me….he keep it real even though he small and he giot respect …plus he from the boot just like me ….heep reppin it boo

  34. worlds finest chocolate says:

    What’s poppin’? man, boosie been out here repping to the fullest all his shit is straight gutta ya heard me. i be jiggin’ swaggin and all that shit you already kno how it goes down.

  35. steve beard says:

    boosie all ya’ll niggaz keep doin wut’cha doin reppin arkansas but i’m up norff now puttin deez niggaz on ya’ll shit out like o.j.

  36. flow says:

    I love lil boosie he always passes by my house in his yellow charger.

  37. hOnEY says:

    I love you boosie keep it 100 and i hope 2 c u perform @ tha battle of the bands you hear me!!
    xoxoH hOnEY 318 portcity pimp

  38. Curtis Cross says:

    what Up Webbie & Boosie Yall Are One Of My Most Famous Rapper I Give Yall 2 Much respect Because U And Webbie Are The Coldest Rapper Hit Me Back A.S.A.P.

  39. misha says:

    yall cant mess wid my baby lilboosie that nigga iz just too sexy

  40. boosie says:

    MAn boosie that shit was fuck up lil thug man nigga came to yall release party the shit got shut down lil thug man alot of people pest off thug

  41. boosie says:

    but thug nigga aint trippin but u should had at tha entertainment complex u know them white folks was’t going for that shit thug u already know thug when u put alot pits together u already know how we clown thug u know it’s thug life wild thang in that boot b.k.a BIG RAGEGALYy come thug u aint started doing that shit tha boot been thugin my thug u already know tha hole boot go ride for u not only tha south tha hole fuckin B.R my thug so keep holdin down thug

  42. G FATJ says:


  43. brandon says:

    wat boosie dis dat boi day call lil baz azz,i am a fan dat has been listenin 2 ur songs 4 a while i just wanted 2 say u speak da truth n ur songs and i feel wat u be talkin bout sometimes.1 luv.

  44. cliffany lively says:

    whats up its ya gul cliffany ya heard me srright up gutto chick but anyways i am loving all of yall music expecally my future husband lil bossie i love him to death them boys from new orleans don’t like you but guess what gonna shine for you anyway love always and for ever your gutto girl cliffany lively ya heard me!!! stay strong and my number 1 fan!!!!@

  45. Pinky G says:


  46. Dashajames says:

    Hey LiLBOOSIE hey I like all of your song I want to be on one of your ablum cause am like zoom.

  47. SEXY-BLACK says:

    Men, Fuck what ya’ll say. Nigger ya’ll say “i love boosie” men dont nobody love’m like i do men i got all that nigger c.ds, i got his biography, men i bet ya’ll didnt know when his father died nigger he died when lol boo was 14 years old men. ya’ll dont know shit ya’ll say this and that men stop lieing. I’m on that real gutta shit.Lil Boosie grew up on W. Garfield St. near the danm LSU stadium men bet you all didnt know that ha aha ha ha ha ha ha ha look when ya’ll ask me some and i dont know it then i can say im not his fav. fan nigger i live for him men . i go to job corps but i had the grades but my behavior was out of sight nigger. But then did ya’ll know he attened Mc’Kinley high men ya’ll dont know shit 4 real . shit i love that nigger i just dont listen to the beats nigger i listen to the words he said he live that life men i’m out this bitch……

    From SEXYBLCK (Mobile, Al)

  48. charity says:

    dis ya gurl charity,but anyway enough of da small talk baby i alredi know i’m yo #1 fan. and i am also your distant lover. baby i’m gonna tell you to be careful who you fuck wit some of this hoes got diseases and i be damn if a bitch give you a disease because i’ll set this bitch off 4-sho!!!!!! that’s what’s real. fuck all this other hoes that’s talking bout i wish shit i want yo a$$ the reasons are because you got that paper and baby you got da looks fuck all this other brods when they say that you ugly the can ki$$ your a$$ and mine any hoe or brod got somehting to say then it’s wateva because i’ll set this bitch off. burn yo shit up. so wat it is.any way baby got that much love for you remember i got yo back regaurdless of wat happen. i’m like you n0w i love my nigga$. baby this all you and tell them hoes get they pussy in check before they wear thongs. i stay fresh wit them j’s and i keep my hair done. they betta not fuck wit cha while i’m on dat pruple.my love,my heart, my distant lover. (boosie) BADAZZ.

  49. nerrisa says:

    do ya THING LIL boosie we out hea ya digg shine for all ya hatas people do the damn thing

  50. nerrisa says:

    weebie i got to give it to you you be shinin keep do in what you do best

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