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Lil’ Flip/Sony BMG Music Found Guilty Of Copyright Infringement.

January 30th, 2006 | By Administrator

A jury in Houston Federal Court has found rapper Lil’ Flip and Sony BMG Music Entertainment guilty of willful copyright infringement.

Lil’ Flip (real name Wesley Eric Weston) was sued in Nov. 2004 for alleged unauthorized use of three melodies on his major label debut, Undaground Legend.

The lawsuit, filed in Federal Court in the Southern District of Texas, claimed that the melodies were the creation of Tommy L. Granville, a songwriter and music producer based out of Shreveport, Louisiana.

The jury verdict found that Suckafree Records, Lil’ Flip, his manager Estelle Douglass Hobbs, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Columbia Records, Loud Records, Lucky Publishing and Hobbs Publishing willfully violated the copyrighted music of Tommy Granville, when the Defendants included it on Lil’ Flip’s platinum-selling CD, Undaground Legend.

The lawsuit sought $1.5 million in damages and an unspecified amount for alleged willful infringement of Granville’s copyrights.

The Houston jury awarded Granville $150,000, the maximum statutory damages under the law.

Magistrate Judge Stacy also fined Sony $12,000 for their failure to adhere to the court’s orders to turn over financial documents.

“We’re very pleased that the jury agreed that Tommy Granville’s music was illegally taken by these Defendants,” Scott Hemingway, attorney for the plaintiff, told “Sony is one of the world’s biggest enforcers of its copyright rights and it files 1000’s of copyright infringement lawsuits against Internet file-sharers to protect its rights. It is nice to see the jury tell Sony and the other Defendants that they should respect the copyrights of others the same way they want their own copyright rights respected.”

In a separate action in Sept. 2004, NamCo America sued the same set of defendants for copyright infringement over Lil’ Flip’s hit song, “Game Over.”

In that lawsuit filed in US District Court, Southern District of New York, Namco alleged that their copyright was infringed upon when sounds from the game “Pac-Man” and “Ms. Pac-Man” were included on “Game Over” and its remix.

That suit was settled prior to going to trial.

Koch Announces Release Date For Album By Scarface & The Product

January 30th, 2006 | By Administrator

Scarface and rap duo the Product have teamed with Koch to release One Hunnid, the debut album from Scarface’s new venture, The Underground Railroad Movement.

The Product features Bay Area rapper Will Hen and Jackson Mississippi native Young Malice.

“We are very excited to work with Scarface and his [new] label Underground Railroad,” Alan Grunblatt, general manager and executive vice president of Koch, told, adding that Scarface is “one of the greatest rappers of all time.”

The rapper appears on almost 90 percent of the songs on One Hunnid, which boasts production by Tone Capone, John Bido, The Alchemist and Scarface himself.

The album is slated to hit stores Feb. 21.

Slip-N-Slide Allowed To Release Pitbull CD

January 28th, 2006 | By Administrator

A United States District Court Magistrate Judge recently granted a preliminary injunction to Slip-N-Slide Records that prohibits TVT Records from interfering with the distribution and/or release of Pitbull’s Welcome to the 305.

The two labels were embroiled in a legal battle over the release of Welcome to the 305, an album that contains material Pitbull recorded before signing with TVT.

In March 2005, TVT sent a letter to Slip-N-Slides distributors indicating that the sale of 305 violated TVT’s rights and that TVT would seek redress for violation of those rights.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Stephen Brown ruled that “TVT’s statement and letter that Slip-N-Slide’s actions in promoting and distributing 305, were a violation’s of TVT’s rights (under a contract with Pitbull), was a misrepresentation which was made with knowledge and was clearly intended to cause the recipients of the letters to not purchase 305.”

The Court further found that “Slip-N-Slide’s business relationships with it’s distributors had been damaged by the TVT letter.

Although Slip-N-Slide had already received 100,000 pre-orders of 305, they were unable to release the album because virtually every distributor that received the letter refused to sell it.”

The Slip-N-Slide recordings were tracked in 2001, before Pitbull signed to TVT.

Slip-N-Slide owner Ted Lucas claimed Pitbull signed over all rights to the recordings when they granted the rapper a release in 2003 to sign with TVT.

On the contrary, TVT President Steven Gottlieb said that Slip-N-Slide was exploiting the investment they had made to make Pitbull a worldwide star and that Pitbull told TVT to block the release.

S.C.C. Album Release Party

January 27th, 2006 | By Administrator

Fri, Jan 27th @ Club Shenanigans. This will be the OFFICIAL album release party for Both Sides Of The Track. This will also be B-Rock’s 19th Birthday Party. Club Shenanigans is located at 2377 N. Flannery Road on the corner of South Choctaw and North Flannery in Baton Rouge. Guest list includes T-Bo, Lil Witness, Box, Max, Sam I Am, Mookie, Howard M., Mike da Hustla, B, Clever, Lil Cali, Keely, STS Records, J-Dirty, Down Bad, Gauntlet Records, Dojah, Big Cheeze, LaTangela, Big Ro, Lil Dossey, Lil Mook, K-Slimm, D & D Design and more. A SPECIAL GUEST will also appear at the concert. Wright Studios will be in the building before, during and after the party recording footage for the next S.C.C. DVD. Doors open at 9PM; 18+ to get in, 21 to drink.

Master P Attracts Scorn And Support From “Dancing With The Stars”

January 24th, 2006 | By Administrator

Master P, music mogul, has been able to sell millions of albums, but the rapper?s presence on ABC?s ?Dancing With the Stars? has caused a firestorm of controversy because of his continued inclusion on the show.

The rapper, who admitted to limited dance skills, explained his position on ?The View? daytime talk show on Monday (Jan. 23).

?I never danced before in my life. I?m having fun, I?m still on the show and America likes what?s going on,? P explained.

But the New Orleans native also acknowledged his detractors.

?This is America, everybody is going to have an opinion. Everybody is gonna love you, everybody is gonna hate you. I?m just a country boy trying to dance. I?ve never danced a day in my life.?

The judges have berated Master P for his dancing and his refusal to conform to dance standards, but the rapper continues to be voted via the online poll component to the show.

Latoya West, who hosts a reality series TV blog at, theorized that Master P?s fans are keeping the rapper in the running.

?The platinum-selling rapper has countless fans out there who may be calling in to save him. I?m pretty sure he has more fans than last week?s eliminee, Giselle ?Who is she?? Fernandez. Dancing With the Stars may be more about popularity than Paso Dobles.?

While P said his whole family could dance, he said they too were perplexed at his dance floor maneuvers.

?They are like, ?Dad, what are you doing?? he admitted. ?Dancing? Judge Len Goodman told Master P. ?It?s time that you and this show parted.?

But, Goodman may have underestimated the voting power of Master P?s wide fan base and those galvanized by the negativity towards the rapper.

Members of Ill Community defended the rapper?s efforts on the message board.

IC member Da 404 Soulja posted, ?First off, I just want to give big ups to P and all the people that voted for him. If Master P ends up winning this, the White people are gonna start a riot and get P killed. I want to see P win this s**t!?

Master P?s supporters have even launched, a website dedicated to keeping the rapper on ?Dancing With the Stars.?

Fans of ?Dancing With the Stars? that posted on ABC?s web site weren?t as enthused at Master P?s endurance on the show.

?P has less rhythm than any White person that ever stepped on a dance floor and the show is supposing to be about dancing,? one ABC poster said. ?The joke is in all the people who continue to watch and support this competition that allows dancing to be judged by popularity and not talent. It?s a talent contest. I suggest we all just turn off ?Dancing With The Stars? and maybe they will come up with a better judging system.?

Master P responded to his detractors with positivity and a higher calling.

?I wanna show kids, ?Do something else wit your life, you don?t gotta [succumb to the streets]. I?ve never danced before. I grew up in the ghetto. I just want to show kids they can try something new. Most kids in these communities live until they?re 18 or 19. If I made it out, they can make it out. I want to show them some change.?

?Dancing With the Stars? airs on Thursday nights at 8 pm EST on ABC voting results air on Friday nights at 8 pm.

Juvenile Films Video In New Orleans’ Ravaged Ninth Ward

January 19th, 2006 | By Administrator

Juvenile recently wrapped a new, gritty video for “Get Ya Hustle On” that captures the continued desolation in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The rapper and New Orleans native is one of the first artists to be granted access to the lower Ninth Ward since a levee breach flooded the streets in the natural disaster.

The video, which is still in production, was shot over a four-day period in a documentary style.

“Get Ya Hustle On,” a politically charged song, criticized local and national governmental forces for neglecting the city’s poorest and disenfranchised.

“It?s more like out with the old, in with the new,” Juvenile said of the efforts to rebuild New Orleans. “Now you got [wealthy real estate barons] down there, buying up all the property – now it?s a big business venture. If you didn?t pay your taxes on your property – and half of the people weren?t able to pay taxes, you know – a lot of people lost their money for real.

While most of Reality Check, the rapper’s upcoming album, was recorded prior to the hurricane, he re-added songs like “Get Ya Hustle On” to address the plight of the victims.

The video, directed by Ben Mor, depicts three children that find masks of President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Mayor Ray Nagin.

The opposing side of the masks says, “Help Is Coming.”

The beginning of the video says, “This is a tribute to those who died in the wrath of Hurricane Katrina. The storm may have passed, but for thousands the struggle is just beginning.”

To view images from the shoot click this link.

For more insight on Juvenile’s views on Hurricane Katrina and the political controversy surrounding it, read Juvenile’s interview.

Juvenile’s UTP/Atlantic debut, Reality Check, is due on March 7.

Juvenile Arrested On Child Support Warrant

January 15th, 2006 | By Administrator

Rapper Juvenile was arrested before a performance in Ocala, Florida on a child support warrant on Friday (Jan. 13). The New Orleans born rapper was arrested on a writ of bodily attachment child support warrant and was taken into custody at The Ritz Hotel in Ocala. Juvenile, born Terius Gray, was released on his own recognizance that evening and performed at the Ghost House Night Club. In a separate October 2003 incident, an arrest warrant was issued for the rapper in Gwinnett County, Georgia, on charges of abandonment of a dependent child. Juvenile is preparing to release his latest album, Reality Check.

B.G. Teams With Manny Fresh For New Single

January 11th, 2006 | By Administrator

B.G. is set to release his new single ?Move Around? and in the coming weeks, the rapper will shoot a video for the new single, taken from his upcoming release, The Heart of Tha Streetz: Vol. 2 (I Am What I Am) in the coming weeks.

Produced by Mannie Fresh, ?Move Around? marks the first time B.G. and Mannie Fresh have collaborated since both left Cash Money Records.

“Mannie Fresh created a certain sound for each Cash Money artist and even though I’ve worked with damn near everybody from Swizz Beats to DJ Smurf, Fresh is Fresh,” B.G. said. “We kept in contact over the years and after he left the label, it was on and popping.?

The video was scheduled to be filmed entirely in New Orleans, but B.G. was denied a permit by the city because the area where he wanted to shoot was in the most devastated parts of New Orleans.

The video, directed by Gil Green, will be shot in parts of New Orleans and Atlanta over a two-day period.

B.G., now living in Detroit, confesses that he’s still affected by the disaster that happened in his hometown.

“It can’t get no realer than what happened to New Orleans,? B.G. continued. ?I came to Detroit about three years ago and it’s been like my second home ever since, but everyday I wake up, I’m wishing I can go down to the projects and see my people.?

In related news, B.G. is schedule to return to court on Feb. 6th to answer to charges of possession of a firearm and drug possession.

The former Cash Money Records artist was arrested by police on last month (Dec. 18) in Detroit, after police stopped his car and found a concealed weapon in his vehicle.

The Heart of Tha Streetz: Vol. 2 (I Am What I Am) will be released March 21, 2006 on Chopper City Records.

Scarface Teams With New Era For Custom Cap

January 11th, 2006 | By Administrator

Famed rapper and Geto Boys member Scarface has been tapped by New Era Cap Co. to design a limited edition custom “Capture the Flag” New Era 59Fifty cap. Scarface will meet with executives from the 85-year-old company on Saturday (Jan. 14) for an official design meeting. Scarface joins other celebrities in creating a custom “Capture the Flag” cap, which was launched by New Era in 2004 to celebrate the 59FIFTY line of caps’ 50th anniversary. Fabolous, Bobbito Garcia, Cam’ron, DJ Green Lantern, NBA Hall of Famer George “Iceman” Gervin, Rapper Dizzee Rascal, Skate Boarder Stevie Williams and others have designed customized caps for the company. Scarface’s custom “Capture the Flag” 59FIFTY cap hits stores later this year.

Murder Charges Against Gucci Mane Dropped

January 1st, 2006 | By Administrator

Prosecutors dropped murder charges against Gucci Mane on Friday (Dec. 30) citing a lack of evidence in the murder of another man. Gucci Mane, born Radric David, was accused of shooting Henry ?Pookie Loc? Clark III, after Clark and four other men burst into a house and threatened to attack him in May of 2005.

?One of them had green duct tape, one had brass knuckles, and one had a weapon,? Davis? lawyer Dennis Scheib said shortly after the shooting. ?My client was hit with brass knuckles and his friend was hit with a weapon. One of the alleged assailants yelled ‘shoot him’ and he [Davis] grabbed a gun near by to defend himself.?

Mane then reached for a gun that was on a nearby table and shot in the direction of his attackers, fatally wounding Clark, whose body was found in the woods behind a nearby school.

Clark, who has been connected to Young Jeezy?s Corporate Thug Entertainment, was murdered at the height of a feud between Gucci Mane and Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy.

The two were involved in a dispute over the song ?So Icy,? which was a hit for Gucci Mane and included on his album, Trap House, which was released on Big Cat Records.

The two issued a series of mixtapes disses threatening one another stemming from the dispute over the song over summer of 2005.

Big Cat Records CEO Jacob York explained the situation shortly after Gucci Mane was incarcerated.

?Gucci asked Jeezy to do a few bars on the track, ?So Icy,?? York told ?It got circulation on a mix-tape. When it took off, a lot of people were skeptical, because they didn?t think that it would work on an independent label.?

York said that Jeezy was eventually signed to Def Jam and the label wanted all the rights to the track for Young Jeezy?s major label solo debut, Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101.

?We were going to take him off of the track and just put it out on Gucci?s album, York continued. ?They were going to do a video for it and Gucci showed up late to the shoot. Def Jam told us that we should have just taken Jeezy off of the track to begin with. It was basically the big label vs. the little label.?

Jeezy denied any responsibility in the attack on Gucci Mane.

?It was our song, but it was always understood that it was for him to blow up,? Jeezy told in July of 2005. ?And that?s how it was supposed to be, and I was cool with that.?

Gucci Mane is still in an Atlanta jail, after he pled guilty to assaulting a local promoter with a pool cue.

Gucci Mane will remain on probation for 6 ? years when he is released this month.