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Don P. Of Trillville Denies Rape Charges

February 14th, 2006 | By Administrator

Bail was set for Trillville rapper Don P, who was recently arrested, spending 10 days incarcerated for the alleged rape of a 16-year-old girl.

A Georgia judge set a $75,000 bail for the Atlanta rapper, born Donnell Prince, after he was charged with rape and two counts of aggravated sodomy.

The incident stems from an alleged assault that happened Dec. 16 at the Wood Crest Walk apartments in Lithonia, Ga.

“The bond hearing ended up being like the trial because the word on the street is she’s been telling her friends that hopefully she can get paid and write a book like Monica Lewinsky or some s**t,” Don P. told “Word got back to the State and her story just keeps changing. I’m the only n***a in the room, of course, the only n***a she knows to say [committed a crime] is me. So, that’s how that got out of hand.”

After listening to several hours of testimony, Dekalb Senior Superior Court Judge William McMurray also ordered that Don P not leave the country nor contact the alleged victim.

Don P. admitted he watched the underage girl strip in front of a group of people, but flatly denied all of the charges against him.

“Everybody in the industry has supported me, because this is so old,” said Don P. “This trick has been done over and over to Tupac to Kobe. It’s just been done too many times. You gotta think of something else to do. I still gotta go to trial. All the witnesses [were] just coming forward like, ‘We need to let them know what happened.’ Everybody was up there. People was saying how this was some bulls**t, but I still gotta go to the thing so [the charges] can get dropped. She’s just changed her story too many times.”

Don P’s next court date has yet to be scheduled.