Vote for for the 2007 SEA’s

May 23rd, 2006 | By Administrator

Vote for DSR @ SEA 2007

4 Responses to “Vote for for the 2007 SEA’s”

  1. Carl Jones says:

    T.I should be voted SEA best artist.this guy is special aint heard nothing like him since the hova took off.

  2. Tamara Myers says:

    This comment is about BowWow and Romeo beef and Master P I think all three of them need to stop popping off at the mouth exspecailly Bow and Rome instead of them worry about eachother they need to worry about Chris Brown he is the one who is going to take it the Fame and the Fans

  3. ryan says:

    dirrty south yeaah dats wats sup yo gotta put dirrty south da sea fo sho peace out yeaaaaaaaah

  4. alivia says:

    All I will say is “respect” the website and “respect” the artists. No name calling and no profanity. And respect other peoples opinion!!!!!!!!!!

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