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Rising Rapper Sporty-O Shot Twice

May 2nd, 2007 | By Administrator

Atlanta, GA rapper Sporty-O is in stable condition, after being shot twice early today (May 2) near his East Point, GA home, in what sources have called a botched robbery attempt.

Sporty-O, born George Williams, is best known for his role in Jamie Kennedy’s hit series Blowin’ Up.

Witnesses said the rapper argued with another man near the Buckingham Court apartment complex. A short foot chase ensued.

Sporty-O was shot twice around 4:00 am, suffering a gunshot wound to the face and leg.

He collapsed just as he attempted to enter his apartment and was taken to a local hospital by an innocent bystander.

Two other men were also shot and injured in the altercation.

The rapper was eventually transferred to Grady Hospital, where he underwent surgery and was listed in stable, but critical condition.

Sporty-O recently released the single “U Not Beyonce,” which has received airplay on various radio stations across the country.

A representative for Sporty-O told that the rapper plans to be “back on his feet and performing within the next 4 weeks.”

Sporty-O recently released SuperSport: The Mixtape Vol.II, through the 113 Music Group.

The mixtape features appearances by Sean P of the YoungBloodZ, Bone Crusher and others.

T-Pain And Crew Detained After Concert

April 30th, 2007 | By Administrator

R&B singer T-Pain and members of his crew were allegedly detained Saturday night after altercations with police during T-Pain’s performance at Radio One’s Spring Fest Concert in Miami, according to sources.

According to witnesses, the Tallahassee, Florida native became upset when he was told that his performance was going to be cut short.

“He was told he had 30 [minutes] and he wasn’t getting off that stage until those 30 [minutes] were up,” an eyewitness source told “He said a lot of other things to the crowd in reference to what was going on. During all that the whole backstage area was blanketed by 20-plus police trying to cut the sound off to stop the show.”

In an attempt to lengthen T-Pain’s performance, T-Pain’s manager allegedly tried to take charge of the DJ booth, but was swarmed by several police officers in the process.

While all of this was going on in front of the audience even more mayhem was taking place back stage, witnesses said.

Several police officers reportedly scrambled backstage trying to cut the sound to T-Pain’s performance and they finally succeeded while the singer was in the midst of his popular song, “”Buy You A Drank.”

T-Pain allegedly gave the police obscene gestures with his hands and cursed them before running offstage to an awaiting van.

“The police immediately ran up to the van and pulled T-Pain’s crew out of the van,” a source told “His road manager Boogie’s shirt was pulled up and around his face as the grabbed him out the van. Tay Dizm, one of T-Pain’s performers, got pulled out the van and thrown on the ground. T-Pain got pulled on too. The officers took all of their jewelry off, even J-Lyric’s who was not even in the van and didn’t get arrested.”

Whether T-Pain will have to face any charges due to this incident remains to be seen.

Spring Fest Concert, a weekend-long festival by Radio One, also included performances by Lil’ Mama, Jim Jones, Consequence, Trey Songs, Slim Thug, Lloyd, and Yung Joc.

Young Buck After Party Turns Violent, Nine Men Arrested In Connection With Hotel Shootout

April 29th, 2007 | By Administrator

An after party for G-Unit rapper Young Buck took a violent turn in Kennewick, Washington on Saturday (Apr. 28), when a shooting broke out in a hotel parking lot, resulting in the arrest of nine men.

According to police, Young Buck headlined a concert at a local venue named Club Paradise.

Young Buck allegedly announced that an after party was taking place at the Hilton Garden Inn and over 50 people followed the rapper back to the hotel.

According to the Tri-City Herald, police are investigating reports that a fight broke in the parking lot between members of Young Buck’s entourage and rival rappers, resulting in the shootout, which left other hotel guests terrified for their lives.

Witnesses said they heard shouting and people running down the hallway of the Hilton Garden Inn around 2:00 am Saturday morning.

Police were called to the hotel a short time later and while officers were on the phone, they reportedly heard gunshots in the background.

At least six shots were fired by two weapons.

Sgt. Scott Child said one bullet pierced a window and went through the hotel exercise room, before lodging above the numbers of a room, which was occupied by two guests who reported the shootings.

Two other bullets struck nearby vehicles, including a $100,000 Mercedes-Benz.

Police arrived and found a Las Vegas man injured with a single bullet wound to both legs. He was treated at Lourdes Medical Center in Pasco and is expected to be released today.

According to police, people involved in the shooting fled the scene in a white limousine, followed by an SUV.

Both vehicles were stopped near Interstate 181 and police arrested 11 men.

One of the drivers was armed with a gun and police say they allegedly witnessed other occupants throwing weapons from the vehicles.

At one point, police said they had detained 28 men in connection with the shooting.

Nine Seattle area men were charged with with failing to report a crime and were booked into Benton County Jail, where police will charge those detained with various weapons violations.

Sgt. Child would not reveal if Young Buck had been arrested or detained in connection with the shooting as of today (Apr. 29).

Grammy Award Winning Rapper Chamillionaire Profanity Free; Ditches ‘N’ Word On New LP

April 27th, 2007 | By Administrator

With the debate over the use of language in Hip-Hop gaining momentum by the day, few rappers have spoken on the issue until now.

Houston rapper Chamillionaire has garnered much success with No. 1 hits like “Ridin” and has risen to prominence on the Houston mixtape circuit, but what most people may not know is that Chamillionaire rarely sacrifices lyrical content for profanities.

?On my new album I don?t say the word n***a, I don?t curse nowhere on my whole album,? Chamillionaire told ?People are not even gonna know it. I guarantee if I don?t go out and say it in the media they?re not even gonna realize that. People go back and listen to all of my old mixtapes and don?t even realize that I wasn?t even doing all that type of stuff. I was saying n***a, but I wasn?t saying the ‘f’ word or [the] ‘b’ word. I was never saying those types of things…I hear that so much and it restricts your creativity and how far it can go.?

Chamillionaire, who was recently certified by the RIAA as the first multi-platinum Mastertone artist in history, is the son of a Muslim father and Christian mother.

The Grammy Award winning rapper, born Hakeem Seriki has sold millions of records.

He said that Hip-Hop is the art form that seems to be targeted the most when it comes to language, but other mediums will still promote the use of profanities.

Chamillionaire also said that the recent criticism and finger pointing at Hip-Hop was only creating a bigger generational gap.

“People going to get rap CDs and rolling them over with steamrollers, what is that doing? That aint doing nothing but creating rebellion and people need to realize that,” Chamillionaire explained.

Chamillionaire recently released the single “I’m Not A Criminal” featuring Kelis and a remix to the song featuring Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes.

The singles are the first releases from Chamillionaire’s upcoming album titled Ultimate Victory.

?I don?t get caught up in the actual ?This word is bad? because with everything you take away there?s gonna be something there to replace it,? Chamillionaire told “Everybody needs to focus their direction on these younger kids that are looking at them. If we help raise them right this is gonna be the new generation and this new generation is gonna be more like me maybe and just don?t curse or brag about being a gangster.”

Ultimate Victory is slated to hit stores this summer.

The album features appearances by Snoop Dogg, Pimp C, Slick Rick, Lil’ Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Devin The Dude and others.

Rick Ross Working on New Magazine and Record Label

April 24th, 2007 | By Administrator

Things may be looking fine enough for Rick Ross to sit back and relax, but the Miami rapper is eyeing a variety of ventures, including a new magazine and record label.

Although the projects have yet to get off the ground, Ross is taking his time to ensure things are done his way and is currently negotiating with Def Jam.

“I’m not in too much of a rush at this point because I’m trying to get everything financially stable,” Rick Ross told “Right now I’m working on a lot of different business plans. I got the new album and something coming with Khaled in a few months. We feel good about the position that we’re currently in. We’re setting the foundation, so be on the look out.”

In addition to his outside pursuits, Ross is working on a new CD as well as a DVD.

“I need the gwap, baby,” Ross added. “I’m just doing my best to get things situated.”

In related news, Ross has signed on to star in the urban gang thriller Days of Wrath.

The movie, which also stars Kurupt, David Banner, Stavye “Slim Thug” Thomas, Jessie Garcia, Amber Valletta, Lupe Ontiveros and others.

Ross, Slim Thug and Banner will be featured as gang members in the movie, which revolved around a group of Los Angeles residents who are caught in the middle of a war between black and Latino gang members.

DJ Drama Conflict Results In Name Change

April 23rd, 2007 | By Administrator

DJ Drama may be one of the hottest mixtape DJ’s in the game, but underground and mainstream rap fans may soon know Drama by a different name when his new album arrives in stores this summer.

According to Drama, he will have to assume a different name when he releases his major label debut, Gangsta Grillz: The Album, due to a conflict with another DJ.

“I’ve got a little situation with my name,” DJ Drama revealed to “There’s some DJ in Chicago that wants to say that he’s DJ Drama. He made a phone call to my record label, and we’re being held up on that. I don’t want anybody to be shocked if the album comes out and it says DJ Dramatic or DJ Dram.”

The name change comes in the aftermath of Drama’s arrest in January for selling mix CDs, due to the popularity of his Gangsta Grillz series of mixtapes.

The popular DJ was charged with reproducing recorded material for sales, in violation of Georgia’s Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization law.

Both he and his partner Don Cannon were arrested and released on $100,000 bond. The case is still pending.

Despite having to assume a different moniker, Drama isn’t worried about slipping under the radar.

“Everybody knows who DJ Drama is and everybody knows what I do,” he said. “I might have to do my Notorious B.I.G. thing, but it’s okay. I guess I picked a good name by calling myself Drama. Shout out to the white boy in Chicago that wants to give me a harder time. Just watch what I do.”

DJ Drama’s Aphiliates Music Group Music Group release, Gangsta Grillz: The Album, is scheduled to be released in June.

Texas Summer Music Conference Slated For July

April 20th, 2007 | By Administrator

Aspiring entertainers will have a chance to rub elbows with established movers and shakers this summer at the fifth annual Texas Summer Music Conference.

The event, which takes place July 6-8 at the Westin Hotel in Dallas, will feature informational panels hosted by entertainment industry executives as well as exhibits, performances and a fashion show & after party? sponsored by The Source Magazine, Down Magazine, K104 fm, Flava TV, Core DJs, Makaveli Branded, Azzure Denim

Additionally, the conference will celebrate its five year anniversary with a celebration commemorating the successes of the conference and its attendees.

The event is noted for providing access to entertainment industry gurus who under normal circumstances would not be accessible as well as the ability for conference goers to network with other artists and receive advice to aid them in their pursuit for success in the entertainment industry.

Past conference attendees include G-Unit, Chris Brown, Paul Wall, Keep lock Entertainment, Source Magazine president Jeremy Miller and Mike Jones, who networked with mixtape and radio DJs to gain more exposure for his music while attending the conference at the beginning of his rap career.

For details about the fifth annual Texas Summer Music Conference, visit

Rapper Romeo Signs With University of Southern California Trojans

April 13th, 2007 | By Administrator

Rapper Percy “Romeo” Miller has officially signed on as a member of the 2008 Universities of Southern California Trojans basketball team.

Romeo, a 5’11 All-American point guard at Beverly Hill High School, will put all of his film and TV roles on hold, while he attends USC and earns his degree in business administration.

According to representatives for Romeo, he is is the first nationally known active Hip-Hop star to receive a full athletic scholarship.

Romeo’s brother Vercy Miller is also signing with the Trojans, as well as standout shooting guard DeMar DeRozan of Compton High School.

Romeo starred in the hit sitcom Romeo! and has sold millions of records throughout his recording and television career, which is overseen by his father, mogul/entrepreneur Percy “Master P.” Miller.

Block Enterprises, Bad Boy South Partner For New Mixtape With DJ Drama

April 12th, 2007 | By Administrator

Together with The Aphilliates and DJ Drama, Russell ?Block? Spencer of Atlanta-based Block Enterprises will soon release a new mixtape featuring some of the South?s most promising talent.

American Gangsta: Gangsta Grillz Special Edition will include tracks from the latest Boyz N Da Hood album, Back Up N Da Chevy.

“Someone who is able to take pennies and turn them into dollars is an ‘American Gangsta,'” Spencer told “I was able to do my thing in the streets, take my street education, and use it to build my company, Block Enterprises.”

Other artists featured on the mixtape will include Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Big Kuntry, and T.I.

American Gangsta also highlights Gorilla Zoe, the latest artist signed to Block Enterprises and newest member of Atlanta super-group Boyz N Da Hood.

“You will hear them all on the American Gangsta mixtape, which also includes Zoe’s ‘Hood Nigga,'” Block said. “That song in and of itself is an example of an ‘American Gangsta.’ Zoe is an ‘American Gangsta.’ Like me, he is turning pennies into dollars.”

American Gangsta is another venture between Block Enterprises and Bad Boy South.

The two labels first joined forces for the 2005 release of Boyz N Da Hood?s self-titled debut album .

Block Enterprises and Bad Boy South partnered made an impressive debut with Yung Joc?s album New Joc City, which spawned hit singles like “It’s Goin Down” and “I Know You See It.”

Both Yung Joc and Boyz N Da Hood are planning on releasing albums this summer.

Boyz N Da Hood?s Back Up N Da Chevy is set for June 12 and Yung Joc?s Hustlenomics set for a July 10 release date.

Rick Ross’ Manager Claims Rapper Owes $1 Million, Feared For His Life Due To Threats

April 11th, 2007 | By Administrator

Miami rapper Rick Ross has been hit with a lawsuit claiming he owes his manager more than $1 million dollars for services rendered over a three year period that produced Ross’ hit album Port of Miami.

Philadelphia based Respect Management, owned by attorney Kevon Glickman, filed the lawsuit yesterday (Apr. 10) in the United States District Court of Pennsylvania.

The lawsuit claims that Ross, born William Roberts, breached the three-year management agreement that he signed in 2004 by attempting to divert commissions due to Respect Management to his co-manager, Elric “E-Class” Prince.

According to the lawsuit, Ross signed with Respect Management in 2004.

Soon afterwards, Ross landed a major label deal with Def Jam, which released the six-foot four, 300 pound rapper’s debut Port of Miami.

The album moved over 800,000 copies based on the hit singles “Hustlin'” and “Push It.”

Glickman claims that while Ross was his client, Ross’ earnings went from $5,000 to more than $1 million in the three year span, yet Ross failed to compensate Respect Management for its management services, in excess of $1 million dollars.

The lawsuit claims that through the use of “physical” and “mental” intimidation, “Roberts has demanded that management commissions due on his record and publishing contracts be paid by Def Jam and Sony to Elric “E-Class” Prince rather than to Respect as required by the agreement.”

In addition to acting as Ross’ co-manager, Elric “E-Class” Prince is also the head of Miami based record label Poe Boy Entertainment.

According to Glickman, he was threatened in a “series of phone calls, meetings, emails, text messages and other methods” in such a manner that he “would be subjected to severe and bodily harm and/or loss of his life if he did not consent to their demands.”

“The coercion by Roberts and Prince consisted of explicit and implicit threats and intimidation of Glickman by indicating that they were from the streets of Miami, knew how to handle themselves and had known and associated with persons engaged in criminal conduct in the Gang life of Miami and other cities,” Glickman’s complaint reads.

The lawsuit also claims that Ross continues to perform and earn a substantial amount of income and has failed to compensate Respect Management the 20% of gross earnings called for in the contract.

Additionally, Respect Management is seeking an injunction to prevent Ross from receiving several advances from Slip-N-Slide Records, Def Jam and Sony Publishing.

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